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Jobmonster - Job Board WordPress Theme website snapshot
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Jobmonster - Job Board WordPress Theme

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for Jobmonster - Job Board WordPress Theme:

Jobmonster – Job Board WordPress Theme Features
•Responsive and Retina Ready
We care about every user and how they access to our job board site. Jobmonster is tested thoroughly to keep its sharp look anywhere.

•2 Home Variations •Home with Job Search
•Home with Search on Map

•Frontend Job Submission and Edition for Admin Review
Employer can submit and edit job directly in frontend following submission steps. Admin then can review to approve or reject a job.

•Frontend Resume Submission
Candidate can post number of resumes directly in frontend following submission steps and choose which one is searchable.

•Job Posting Pricing Plan with WooCommerce Integrated
You can set the number of job posting plan. Payment can be completed effectively with WooCommerce integrated.

•Employer Management Dashboard
Employer can edit Company profile, manage jobs, view and response to applications from candidates.

•Candidate Management Dashboard
Candidate can edit profile, manage resumes, view jobs applied, bookmarked jobs and manage job alert.

•Apply for Jobs in 3 Flexible Ways
Candidate can apply for jobs by uploading CV, choosing from their online resumes on Jobmonster or apply via Linkedin

•Employers Approve or Reject Applications with Message to Candidate
Jobmonster allows you to enable admin to review then approve or reject job submission from Admin panel.

•Company Directory in Alphabet
View Company listing in alphabet and Company profile with their available jobs.

•Every Actions Comes with Email Notifications
Beside Job Alert sent to email of candidate, most actions of Jobmonster comes with email notification in flow.

•Powerful Customizer
All NooTheme themes are equipped with the super powerful Customizer. Working as the familiar original WordPress customizer, Jobmonster Customizer is much more versatile where you can configure and change settings of almost every elements on your site. It is easy to use with Custom bar on left side and live preview screen on right side that adjust along with your changes in real time. Play around until you are satisfied with your website’s look and just after click Save & Publish, all the setting then will be public in frontend. No need to shift back and forward between dashboard and frontend to see your changes and keep it private from visitors. You also can import and export your setting to use for next website using Jobmonster.

•Visual Composer
The best-selling drap & drop page builder for WordPress (worth $33)

•Woo Commerce integrated
Jobmonster allows you to create job posting packages and enable on-site payment fluidly using Woo Commerce WordPress plugin

•Translation Ready
Jobmonster supporte multilingual translation using WPML or POEdit.

•Unlimited color and Google Font
Jobmonster is super flexible. Almost its elements’ color can be changed handily in our Theme Customizer

•Extensive Documentation
We included in theme package dedicated document file to guide you step by step installing and customizing the theme. You also can find the detailed online guide on our support center here

•Regular Update
We keep updating the theme regularly with more addon features and minor bug fixed. Just one time payment, you will get the update lifetime for free

•Top Notch Support
In addition to dedicated documentation, the very developers of Jobmonster will support you. We are happy to support you to build your amazing website.

Change log
2.11.5 | 29th March 2016 |
- [ADD] Add translation for Turkish and Spanish.
- [ADD] Add Company page layout option to Customizer
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.11.1.
- [UPDATE] Don't show default image in job slider widget or shortcode.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't use select fields if add noo_job.php file to child theme.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't use email confirm or social login when site has WP-Spamshield plugin.
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.11.0 | 8th March 2016 |
- [ADD] Add auto-complete to the Location input.
- [ADD] Add reset password form, change reset password link to Member page.
- [ADD] Add translation for France, German, Spanish Mexico, Arabic.
- [ADD] Add WooCommerce sidebar option to Customizer.
- [UPDATE] Auto select search form's taxonomy fields when in taxonomy archive page.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't upload image if your site has WPML.
- [FIX] Fix bug datetime picker doesn't show up on some language ( eg. Norway ).
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.10.3 | 29th February 2016 |
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.10.
- [FIX] Fix bug Jobs/Resumes search with multiple fields.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't load new jobs when search.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong Resume link in application notification email.

2.10.2 | 22nd February 2016 |
- [ADD] Add category select for the Packages setting.
- [ADD] Add language to the frontend WYSIWYG editor.
- [ADD] Add email to job social share.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't add new fields to Job Search widget.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't use search with multiple field.
- [FIX] Fix bug closing date displays wrong date.
- [FIX] Fix bug custom fields don't follow Required setting
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.10.1 | 30th January 2016 |
- [FIX] Fix bug don't show images in Job slider shortcode when there's no company.
- [FIX] Fix bug new page display a wrong message when install theme the first time.
- [FIX] Fix bug missing job alert emails for sites with negative time zone.
- [FIX] Fix bug job tags showing number instead of tags name.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't save widgets.
- [FIX] Fix bug link to /wp-admin has a loop redirect in some sites.
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.10 | 27th January 2016 |
- [ADD] Add option to choose between WooCommerce Job Package and free for user.
- [ADD] Add option to reset free job limit when job post is free.
- [ADD] Add function for email confirmation when registering.
- [ADD] Add job's default fields ( Category, Location, Type ) to Custom field setting to enable drags & drops
- [ADD] Add job tag
- [ADD] Show Number of application
- [ADD] Add slider time and speed options to Job shortcode - Slider style.
- [ADD] Add auto to play option to Featured Company shortcode
- [ADD] Add option to disable live search in Job/Resume Advanced Search widget.
- [ADD] Add multiple fields ( checkboxes, multiple select ) to Live search form
- [ADD] Add Indeed icon to View more button of Indeed jobs
- [ADD] Support for plugin Delete Me ( allow users to delete their account in Profile page )
- [ADD] Support for WP Spam Shield
- [UPDATE] Logout to home page
- [UPDATE] Auto set new resumes are viewable
- [ADD] Add pagination and improve style for the Post List shortcode
- [ADD] Add URL to Icon shortcode.
- [UPDATE] Remove support for Link and Quote post format.
- [UPDATE] Add support for WooCommerce 2.5.0
- [UPDATE] Update Revolution Slider plugin to version 5.1.6
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer plugin to version 4.9.2
- [UPDATE] Update Font Awesome to version 4.5.0
- [FIX] Fix bug job slider
- [FIX] Fix bug live search return -1.
- [FIX] Many minor bugs fixed.

2.9.0 | 29th December 2015 |
- [ADD] Add job schema ( ) to the job detail page
- [ADD] Add custom apply job link to allow admin/employer add custom link for their jobs.
- [ADD] Add option to include attachment to application notification email.
- [ADD] Count Message to user notification number.
- [UPDATE] Making search icon click able
- [UPDATE] Add new widgets for Job Advanced Search and Resume Advanced Search to replace the old widget.
- [UPDATE] Prevent conflict with menu plugins such as Nav Menu Roles.
- [FIX] Fix warning message on login form.
- [FIX] Fix bug no message for non logged-in users.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't login at /wp-login.php page with WordPress 4.4
- [FIX] Fix bug can't change menu font style on some sites.
- [FIX] Fix bug menu without jobs still display.
- [FIX] Fix bug return full jobs/applications list in some sites.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong job/resume sidebars on fresh installed sites.
- [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.
- [FIX] Fix some style issues.
- [NOO Indeed Integration][FIX] Fix bug can't use multiple keywords.

2.8.1 |13th December 2015|
- [ADD] Add "Send message" button to the job listing on admin dashboard.
- [UPDATE] Hide instruction from Front End PM plugin to make sure there's no confusion when setting up message function.
- [UPDATE] Show avatar on site with WordPress setting disabled.
- [UPDATE] Improve compatibility with caching plugins.
- [FIX] Fix bug fatal error of version 2.8.0 on site with PHP 5.4 or older.

2.8.0 |12th December 2015|
- [ADD] Add Messages function by integrating with the plugin Front-End PM.
- [ADD] Improve the Map:
+ Add Infobox for the job markers.
+ Add location search to the map.
+ New options: zoom level, fit jobs, etc.
+ 4 new style and color.
+ Enable custom fields on search form.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.9.0
- [UPDATE] Display company name instead of employer's username
- [FIX] Fix bug Sidebar still displays on the Jobs and Resumes full-width layout.
- [FIX] Fix bug no new application notification for Employer.
- [FIX] Fix bug sometime can't close Approve/Reject pop-up.
- [FIX] Fix bug Company listing doesn't display inside tabs.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't login to dashboard from JobMonster on SSL site
- [FIX] Some minor style error.
- [NOO Indeed Integration][FIX] Fix bug can't use multiple keywords in the shortcode.

2.7.1 |2nd December 2015|
- [UPDATE] Making direct links to expired jobs alive ( Expired jobs still can't be seen in any public page and can't be applied ).
- [UPDATE] Correct the job count if the pending review job is deleted.
- [UPDATE] Auto create First Name and Last Name from the Full name.
- [DEV] Add hooks for adding links to member page.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong author name of job applications on the dashboard.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong preview job link on the notify email send to Employer.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't reject applications.
- [FIX] Fix small style issue with inner columns.
- [NOO Indeed Integration][FIX] Fix bug of the company link.

2.7.0 |27th November 2015|
- [ADD] Add function to auto import demo content. With one click you can import demo data and settings necessary for running your site.
- [ADD] Add add-on Noo Jobs Import: Support import from WP Job Manager and WP All Import plugin.
- [ADD] The applications that Employers have deleted become inactive and Candidates can still see it.
- [ADD] Add ability for Candidates to withdraw applications that in pending state and can delete inactive applications.
- [ADD] Add support for MailChimp for WordPress plugin, you can import registered user to MailChimp list.
- [UPDATE] Add preview link for jobs that in the pending state.
- [UPDATE] Allow remove bookmark right on the job detail page.
- [UPDATE] Allow input zero to package's Job posting limit.
- [UPDATE] Remove required check for the job alert's Keyword and Job Category.
- [UPDATE] Rename Job Indeed Integration plugin. You will need to reactivate that plugin after updated. Also, making that plugin part of the add-ons folder, not in the recommendation message.
- [FIX] Fix bug Facebook login.
- [FIX] Fix RTL style.
- [FIX] Some minor style error.

2.6.3 |11th November 2015|
- [ADD] Add Company option tab on Job Settings.
- [ADD] Add new options for company: Archive Slug, Enable Cover Image and Show/Hide company with no jobs.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.8.1
- [FIX] Fix some WPML comparative issues.
- [FIX] Fix bug company featured slider don't display full image when reload site.
- [FIX] Fix bug missing cron action for automatically set jobs expired.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't hide keyword search on Advanced Search widget.

2.6.2 |2nd November 2015|
- [ADD] Add new info to Job package. You can now show short description and full description of a job package product.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.8.0
- [UPDATE] When you used up your job limit and click Post Job button, you go straight to package select.
- [UPDATE] Automatically complete job package order.
- [UPDATE] Add Company link to Featured company shortcode.
- [UPDATE] Change style and behavior of interim login ( popup login on admin when your session is expired ).
- [FIX] Fix bug can't select free packages in Firefox.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't Login with Google+ ( there's still an issue with Edge browser on Window 10 ).
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong Google URL for companies.
- [NOO Indeed Integration][ADD] Add option to show Company URL.
- [NOO Indeed Integration][FIX] Fix some bugs in Noo Import Indeed plugin.

2.6.1 |19th October 2015|
- [UPDATE] Update Indeed Integration plugin.
- [UPDATE] Redirect to Select package if the current package is limited.
- [FIX] Fix bug when edit resume, the attachment hasn't been saved.
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.6.0 |13th October 2015|
- [ADD] Add Indeed Integration plugin.
- [ADD] Show title and Meta data in job preview.
- [DEV] Add hooks before/after job loop.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong default value of Job Comment option.
- [FIX] Fix error message when deactivate/activate this theme.
- [FIX] Fix error message when using the Twitter widget.

2.5.0 |7th October 2015|
- [ADD] Add support for Job comment
- [ADD] Add options to control what Job's information will display on the Job list.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version 4.7.4.
- [FIX] Fix bug VC Map shortcode isn't working.
- [FIX] Fix bug right/left sidebar of Job detail.
- [FIX] Fix link to 'View resume' on the notify email when candidate apply for a job.

2.4.2 |4th October 2015|
- [ADD] Add attachment upload for resumes on the backend.
- [UPDATE] Include the Vietnamese language.
- [FIX] Fix bug custom fields missing after editing by admin.
- [FIX] Fix bug the Right Sidebar doesn't display on the right.
- [FIX] Remove string "text" when don't have featured jobs
- [FIX] Fix bug Job Alert doesn't send emails.
- [FIX] Fix bug Resume advanced search widget can't search with Location.
- [FIX] Fix bug Pagination doesn't work on Live search.
- [FIX] Fix bug double quotes on the Resume detail fields ( Education, Work Experience, Skill ).

2.4.1 |29th September 2015|
- [FIX] Fix bug missing Register form on sites with PHP prior to 5.5
- [FIX] Fix bug can't Login with LinkedIn on some sites
- [FIX] Fix bug existed account can't login with email
- [FIX] Fix bug Jobs and Resumes have quote and parentheses after edit on Admin dashboard.
- [FIX] Fix bug duplicate Job Alerts on Candidates accounts.

2.4.0 |29th September 2015|
- [ADD] Add login with social: Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
- [ADD] Add support for RTL language
- [ADD] Add option to choose Post Resume as default Post button.
- [UPDATE] Add some nonce fields to improve ajax security.
- [UPDATE] Update to comparative with WPML 3.2.x
- [UPDATE] Update custom fields for admin dashboard.
- [UPDATE] Update style of resume video.
- [FIX] Fix bug License key doesn't save
- [FIX] Fix bug free package received different value after purchased
- [FIX] Fix bug search with Resumes return only Jobs
- [FIX] Fix bug return wrong value when search with 2 or more criteria.
- [FIX] Many minor bugs fixed.

2.3.0 |9th September 2015|
- [ADD] Add Captcha on registration form.
- [ADD] Add Captcha on apply job form.
- [ADD] Auto create order for Free Job Package ( no need for checkout page ).
- [UPDATE] Update some language on Job Settings.
- [UPDATE] On Job settings move some options ( Limit application to member and Disable file upload ) from General to Job Application.
- [UPDATE] Using Icon Picker on some Visual Composer shortcode.
- [UPDATE] Update FontAwesome library to the latest version.
- [UPDATE] Update DateTimePicker library to the latest version with more languages supported.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't see option to disable email for new job application.
- [FIX] Fix some weird errors messages.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't apply with LinkedIn.
- [FIX] Fix bug no email for Resume after posting.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrong setting on the Advanced Search Widget.
- [FIX] Fix some missing language texts.

2.2.1 |4th September 2015|
- [UPDATE] Hide old license setting.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't see option to disable email for new job application.
- [FIX] Fix some errors that causes blank site.
- [FIX] Fix error with Typography settings on customizer.
- [FIX] Fix bug missing resumes's General Information.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't save User profile's description.

2.2.0 |3rd September 2015|
- [ADD] Add more fields type and function to the Job/Resume custom fields.
- [ADD] Add Widget Advanced search for Job/Resume.
- [ADD] Add functions to check the theme settings.
- [ADD] Add video for Resume.
- [ADD] Add notification badges to notify Employers and Candidates about new applications.
- [ADD] Add unlimited job posting to Job Package.
- [UPDATE] Remove checkout step with Free package.
- [UPDATE] Update support for WordPress 4.3.
- [UPDATE] Update support for WooCommerce 2.4.x.
- [FIX] Fix bug candidates can go to pages that belong to employers.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't see Job Applications on Admin Dashboard
- [FIX] Fix bug reset password key invalid.
- [FIX] Other minor bugs fixed.

2.0.0 |13th August 2015|
- [ADD] Add a new Home layout.
- [ADD] Add the cover photo to the Company and the Job. Employers can change the heading image of their job and their company.
- [ADD] Add parallax effect to the image header.
- [ADD] Add Vertical layout for the Advanced Search shortcode.
- [ADD] Add a new layout for Noo Jobs shortcode: a one job slider layout.
- [ADD] Add Noo Jobs widget
- [ADD] Add featured to the Companies with a shortcode to display featured Companies on the Homepage.
- [ADD] Add Job and company view count
- [ADD] Add Related Job to single job page.
- [ADD] Add Print job button.
- [ADD] Add option to changing the layout of Job Detail: full width or with widget sidebar, showing company information or not.
- [ADD] Add upload attachment to Resume.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to the latest version ( 4.6.2 ).
- [UPDATE] Update job hovering effect on job listing.
- [UPDATE] Update code according to HTML validation.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't order Job package with WooCommerce product list on Dashboard.
- [FIX] Fix bug Employer can edit job before payment.
- [FIX] Fix bug wrongly display date time on Post's comment.
- [FIX] Fix some styling problem.
- [FIX] Other minor bug fixed.

1.2.3 |27th July 2015|
- [ADD] Add auto update function. You can now auto update theme like the other themes from
- [FIX] Fix error can't register after changing setting to allow only Candidate or Employer register.
- [FIX] Fix error can't apply for Job with option only allow member apply.
- [FIX] Fix bug date on Candidate's Profile doesn't translated.
- [FIX] Fix bug having Not Found message on Job list page.
- [FIX] Fix bug Job detail page doesn't have padding on mobile.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't add HTML code to Education, Work Experience note to Resume on admin side.

1.2.2 |20th July 2015|
- [FIX] Fix error can't post job because of error message for submission condition.
- [FIX] Remove unusual code on the Job list page.
- [FIX] Fix bug work experience display HTML source code.
- [ADD] add option for limiting register to employer/candidate or disable registration.
- [ADD] add option for limiting the job application for only logged in user.

1.2.1 |17th July 2015|
- [FIX] Fix error Job pagination doesn't work on Company Single page.
- [FIX] Fix error jobs created from admin can't display on map.
- [FIX] Add some missing language: 'Sign In'...
- [FIX] Fix bug can't change text logo.
- [FIX] Fix problem that candidate can access Post Job page and employer can access Post Resume page.
- [FIX] Fix some style issues: dropdown search on Job Search, Boxed layout...
- [FIX] Fix problem with HTML content on Resume's Education and Word Experience.
- [FIX] Fix bug some Job not expired.
- [UPDATE] Make sure the first resume posted will be viewable/searchable
- [UPDATE] Update Advanced Search shortcode.
- [UPDATE] Update text color for more clear.
- [UPDATE] Remove unused Social Media options from Customizer.
- [DEV] Add filter 'noo_mail_header' for mails.
- [DEV] Add filters for redirect link after register, separate for candidate and employer: 'noo_register_redirect_employer' & 'noo_register_redirect_candidate'

1.2.0 |29th June 2015|
- [ADD] Add settings for enable/disable emails.
- [ADD] Add function to prevent employer from buying the second Free job package. There's also setting to control that function.
- [UPDATE] Update the language file, included the text that is previously missing.
- [UPDATE] Enable auto translate for the calendar input.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't input image or HTML content to the description of education/experience.
- [FIX] Fix bug no emails to user after registered.
- [FIX] Fix bug no emails to employer after job approve/rejected.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't use -1 to disable tab on Accordion shortcode.
- [FIX] Fix bug resume setting missing in some case.
NOTE: double check the Resume General settings to see if anything is missing.

1.1.4 |23rd June 2015|
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer to version 4.5.3
- [UPDATE] Add text to indicate which Job Package can view resume.
- [UPDATE] Update language file.
- [UPDATE] Remove 'My Account' link from employer's menu.
- [FIX] Fix problem with viewing resumes of Employer when using package.
- [FIX] Fix bug register link doesn't work on login page of post resume form.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't hide the user menu
- [FIX] Fix bug: wrong Resume link on new application notify email
- [FIX] Fix HTML content of reset password email.

1.1.3 |15th June 2015|
- [ADD] Add custom page heading for Job, Resume, Blog and individual page.
- [UPDATE] Update Visual Composer plugin to the latest version.
- [UPDATE] Update messages for user when can't view resume. There're messages for all the situation.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can't change the layout of Resume page to left sidebar.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can't share with Twitter on Job detail page.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can't aprove/reject application.
- [FIX] Fix bug with Job pagination.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Employer with zero job can see all the application of other employers.
- [FIX] Fix bug: The number of jobs found in Job title of Noo Jobs shortcode is wrong.
- [FIX] More bugs fixed.

1.1.2 |11th June 2015|
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can not change Employer password.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can not change option Enable View Resume on Job Package.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Sometime Company has many jobs why display 0 jobs in listing.
- [UPDATE] Add member avatar.
- [FIX] More bugs fixed.

1.1.1 |11th June 2015|
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can not change Employer password.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Can not change option Enable View Resume on Job Package.
- [FIX] Fix bug: Sometime Company has many jobs why display 0 jobs in listing.
- [UPDATE] Add member avatar.
- [FIX] More bugs fixed.

1.1.1 |2nd June 2015|
- [FIX] Fix bug: Job alert not working.
- [FIX] Fix bug can't upload Candidate's profile image.
- [FIX] Fix issues with email content.

1.1.0 |23rd May 2015|
- [ADD] Add setting for Resume viewable. Now you can set resume view for Public, Employer or only for some Job Package.
- [ADD] Add custom fields for Job.
- [ADD] Add Job search with custom fields.
- [ADD] Add Resume advanced search similar with Job search.
- [ADD] Add option in Job Settings -> Member tab to:
1. On/Off: using custom login page or not.
2. On/Off: Hide Admin bar for normal user.
- [UPDATE] Redirect to Admin Dashboard after login when using wp-admin url.
- [FIX] Several bugs fixed.

1.0.3 |6th May 2015|
- [UPDATE] Add message from Candidate to application manage.

1.0.2 |23rd April 2015|
- [FIX] Fix bug Package page doesn't show any package.
- [FIX] Fix bug title error on Manage pages
- [FIX] Fix bug can't review when post job
- [FIX] Fix bug fatal error when apply a job

1.0.1 |22nd April 2015|
- [ADD] Add sample child theme
- [UPDATE] Move function of plugin Noo JobMonster Libs to the theme core, remove the needs of external plugin.
- [FIX] Fix bug regarding missing Job Package Type from WooCommerce and Package Setting tab from Job Settings
- [FIX] Fix bug title error on Manage page
- [UPDATE] Update TGM Activation plugin
- More link escape

- First stable release


All support is handled in our Support Center. We encourage you to post all your questions concerning our theme there as your questions may have already been answered or may be of help to other people that have also purchased the theme.

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