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Introducing Fiverr Clone Script

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Language: PHP License: Paid

Description for Introducing Fiverr Clone Script:

Introducing Fiverr Clone Script

Fiverr Clone Script is our latest PHP application that allows you to setup a marketplace just like An interesting trend has emerged: microwork outsourcing. The business concept is simple YET profitable.

With Fiver script, you can setup a site where your users can hire people to do micro-jobs (small task) for a fee of only $5. Jobs can be in a form of design work, video recording, advertising or any quick task.

Why the Fiverr model works and how can it be profitable to you?

Just think of it this way, there are many problems users will face and many of these can easily be solved by other users who are willing to do it for a small fee. Take for example, Fred wants to convert a word doc to PDF format and he didn't know to do this. Hiring someone to do it will simple cost too much for such a task.

Now you must be asking what's the big deal about running a Fiverr site and how can you as a business owner make money of out the Fivver model?

Running a Fiverr site is virtually automated as the system is built to run by itself. This brings you a hassle-free yet another money making machine that can potentially generate thousands of dollars per month.

Revenues for Fiver clone site owner

Fiverr makes money by charging $1 (your revenue) for each job sold on the site, paid by the seller. Therefore the buyer pays $5 and the seller earn $4 and receives the funds via Paypal. With Fiverr script, the site owner can determine how much each job can cost, it can be even $10 or you can even set is as user defined cost per job.

Let's set a realistic target of $3000 per month revenue:

#1: Each job cost $5 and your revenue is $1 per job

#2: Daily revenue will be $100 to attain a $3k income

#3: Jobs per day will be 100 ($100/1)

With an average jobs of 100 per day, you can easily earn $3000 per month, double the jobs and your potential revenue can hit in excess of $6000 and the best of all, running this business requires you less than 30mins per day to operate.

The potential is virtually limitless. The Fiver Clone Script can also be setup on niche industry or your existing websites such as advertising or IT, where users can offer specialized jobs for a fee.

User Features

Multi-Language Support (includes English and Spanish)

Supports over 23 currencies

Supports Paypal payment integration

Facebook Connect and Twitter Integration

SEO friendly URLs

Ability to sort jobs by Date, Popularity, Rating and Featured

Ability to search for jobs

Users can suggest for jobs and suggested jobs will be listed on the Fivver Clone site for potential sellers who can offer this job

Ability to edit user details such as name, password, email, paypal email, about me, profile picture

View the jobs that user has bookmarked

RSS feed support

Banner ads support

Job Listing Page

Users can share jobs on Facebook, Email or Twitter

Ability to Like/Unlike the job

View youtube video of the job

View related jobs and other jobs by the users

Ability to order the job

Provide Feedback and rate the job


Supports file attachments in messages

Report spam or misuse

View conversations by ALL/Unread/Archived

Filter messages by everyone or member specific

Message notification

User Profile

View user jobs

View user rating

Ability to contact users

Display user profile details

Seller Management

Create Jobs - user can select category, upload photos and youtube video, set delivery timeline, enter tags and job title/description/instructions

My Jobs - Add/Edit/Delete

My Sales - Pending, Waiting for Review, Completed, Rejected jobs

My Orders - Ability to withdraw earnings, view account, view account earnings. User can also view orders that is Pending,Waiting for Review, Completed

Buyer Management

Manage Purchases - Pending, Waiting for Review, Completed, Rejected

Ability to contact seller

Track payments and order status

Ability to contact users

Admin Features


General settings such as site name, emails, facebook/twitter setup, currency, min payout, auto post to twitter, Google Adsense setup and other website settings

Ability to set if jobs require admin pre-approval

Server info

Setup Paypal settings

Define commission amount the admin gets per job

Pricing Mode - Ability to define if job is fixed price or multiple price

Ability to set days before withdrawals

Categories - Manage categories and add/edit/delete categories.

Jobs - Manage jobs and ability to search/edit/delete/moderate jobs. Admin can also view the jobs that are sold

Payments - View/Manage/Clear payments

CMS - Ability to edit static pages such as FAQ and Terms

Members - Search/edit/delete/ban members. Admin can also view the list of payment request and perform payment to the members

Feedback - Manage feedback made by buyers/sellers

Language - Manage language. Admin can add/edit/delete languages

Suggestions - Manage suggestion made by the members

User Messages - Manage members' inbox messages

Attachments - Manage attachments uploaded by members

Added 12th December 2015 | 933 Views

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