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Admin AppKit | Admin Theme + AngularJS website snapshot
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Admin AppKit | Admin Theme + AngularJS

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Description for Admin AppKit | Admin Theme + AngularJS:

AppKit is the perfect admin template for app developers

It helps developers to build beautiful and user-friendly web apps quickly and easily! Appkit uses modern front-end technologies and is packed with 100+ components/widgets, and 20+ use case-based page designs to speed up your app development.

Angular Lover?

AppKit also comes with an Angular JS version. It empowers developers to create UI components with very little code. Feeding data into AppKit directives is quick and easy. It contains specialised AppKit UI directives for all components presented in the demos.

Why Choose Appkit?

1) UX-centered design to set you apart

We don’t just throw in a bunch of meaningless components to fill the page. All of the app pages are carefully crafted by our UX designer and are based on real-world use-cases. More UX-based page designs will be added to the package based on user feedback. Let us take care of the design so you can develop your app without design resources.

2) Supercharge your app development

AppKit provides developers with a ready-made front-end solution so you can concentrate on making your app’s back-end robust and awesome. It empowers small teams to create big things. The code is clean, modular and well organised so you can make customisations with ease. The CSS and JS code is compressed on our live demo but you will get the uncompressed source code.

3) Mobile First

AppKit is built on the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, so the design is “Mobile First” and fully responsive. For a startup, building an HTML5 webapp which also works across mobile devices is the most cost-effective way to get your product off the ground.

4) FREE Updates, Support and Documentation

AppKit comes with dedicated documentation to get you started quickly. We are firmly behind the template and will update/improve the template regularly to reflect user feedback. More features, components and page designs will be added to the template and all future releases are 100% free for existing customers. You can get the latest version via

Who are behind AppKit

AppKit is created by Tomasz Najdek (Full stack developer) and Xiaoying Riley (UX designer). Tom and Xiaoying got to know each other while working as freelancers on Google projects and became good friends. They believe with the right resource, solopreneurs and small teams can execute beautiful products too. Thus they made AppKit to help developers and startups make outstanding products - the internet has made it possible for the "small guys" to compete directly with the "big guys".

Ready to build outstanding apps?

Get AppKit today and it will supercharge your development. It's a must-have for any developers who are serious about building great products!

Want to contact us?

1) For template support:

Please use wrapbootstrap's comments section to post bug reports, questions or suggestions.

2) For general enquiries:

You can email us at

•AngularJS version included
•100+ Components/Widgets
•20+ Use Case-based App Pages
•Useful Chart Libraries
•Built on Bootstrap 3
•Fully Responsive
•Valid HTML5 + CSS3
•Uncompressed source code included
•Free Updates & Support + Documentation

Future Releases:
•Angular 2.0 version
•Bootstrap 4.0 version
•New Dashboards

Have feedback or suggestions?

Want to see specific features/page designs being added to the template? Let us know via the comments section and we will take that into consideration for the future releases.

•Angular -
•Angular debounce plugin -
•Axis Labels plugin for flot -
•Bootstrap -
•Bootstrap Calendar -
•Bootstrap Clockpicker -
•Bootstrap Colorpicker -
•Bootstrap Datepicker -
•Bootstrap Markdown -
•Bootstrap Switch -
•Bootstrap Tags Input -
•Bootstrap Wysihtml5 -
•Chart.js -
•Chart.js Directive for Angular -
•Chosen -
•Chosen Directive for Angular -
•Cropper -
•DataTables -
•DataTables Directive for Angular -
•DateTime Picker -
•Dropzone JS -
•Easy pie chart -
•Elegant Icon Font -
•FlexSlider -
•FlexSlider Directive for Angular -
•Flot Directive for Angular -
•Font Awesome -
•FullCalendar -
•FullCalendar Directive for Angular -
•Google Map directive for Angular -
•Holder.js -
•ION Range Slider -
•Jasny Bootstrap -
•Jquery.todolist -
•JsTree Directive for Angular -
•Lodash -
•Masonry -
•Metis Menu -
•Moment.js -
•Morris Directive for Angular -
•Notify.js -
•Numeral.js -
•Numeral.js -
•OWL Carousel -
•Pace -
•Parsley -
•Peity -
•Select2 -
•Shepherd -
•Slider for Bootstrap -
•Switchery -
•UI Bootstrap -
•UI.Sortable Directive for Angular -
•Weather Icons -
•X-editable -
•datatables-bootstrap3-plugin -
•flot.tooltip -
•gmaps.js -
•iCheck -
•imagesLoaded -
•jQuery -
•jQuery Knob -
•jQuery Sortable -
•jQuery Sortable -
•jQuery Sparklines -
•jQuery Steps -
•jquery.matchHeight.js -
•jsTimezoneDetect -
•jsTree -
•markdown-js -
•morris.js -
•ng-table -
•noUiSlider -
•pe 7 icons -
•to-markdown -
•typeahead.js -

Added 15th June 2016 | 908 Views

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