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Angulr - Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS website snapshot
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Angulr - Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS

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Description for Angulr - Bootstrap Admin Web App with AngularJS:

Admin web application template with Bootstrap 3 and AngularJS.

Using grunt and bower with bootstrap and angular, features nested views & routing and lazy load for large project.

Music Application view
•Single Page Application(SPA)
•Audio player
•Video player
•Color options
•Multiple layouts


•Magic AngularJS
•Powerful AngularUI
•Popular Bootstrap 3
•Nested routing
•Nested views
•Less CSS
•Many jQuery plugins included
•70% of jQuery plugins can work
without creating the directive
•Lazy loading
•Grunt tasks
•Bower dependency management
•International Translate
•Save user settings
•Note app
•Contacts app
•Multiple Layout options
•Separated Html blocks

Change Log

v.2.2.0—4 January 16
•Add RTL support view
•Remove angular material on main layout.

v.2.1.0—1 November 15
•Update AngularJS to 1.4.7
•Update Footable to 3.0
•Add Grunt Usemin
•Add Grunt Watch
•Fixed search page on html version
•Fixed scroll on iPhone

v.2.0.3—27 July 15
•Add Swig files for generate the html
•Update AngularJS to 1.4.3
•Update Angular Material to 0.10.0
•Fixed mobile menu on material version

v.2.0.2—19 May 15
•Added Google Material Design theme, view

v.2.0.1—8 February 15
•Added ui-scroll
•Added smart table
•Added date-range-picker
•Added tag adder
•Added to-do
•Update AngularJS to 1.3.11
•Use bower_components, Stop coping modules
•Fixed Nav padding on Firefox
•Fixed Html version aside right
•Fixed Fullcalendar overlay position

v.2.0.0—30 December 14
•Added app landing page view
•Added html version view
•Added ui.utils(removed ui.validate)
•Added mask input
•Added multiple level nav
•Added ui-grid
•Added editable form
•Added editable table
•Some fixes

v.1.3.3—19 November 14
•Added Music app view
•Update angularJS to 1.3.2
•Update angular-bootstrap to 0.12.0
•Update angular-ui-router to 0.2.12
•Update bootstrap to 3.3.0
•Update angular-ui-calendar to latest
•Update oclazyload to 0.5.0
•Fix fullcalendar

v.1.3.2—27 October 14
•Added ui-select
•Added textAngular
•Added slider
•Code review

v.1.3.1—28 September 14
•Added mega menu
•Added tree view
•Added file upload
•Added image crop
•Added weather app (Yahoo weather API with animated skycons)
•Added tabs in vbox
•Added double click to create event on Fullcalendar
•Added background image on boxed layout.
•Added angularjs-stripped.html sample page.
•Changed lang file .json to .js
•Fix fullscreen icon status when use escape to exit fullscreen mode
•Fix fullscreen on ie11(disabled)

v.1.3.0—17 September 14

Many Thanks to lordzardeck for sharing his Grunt/Bower files!
•Included Grunt build steps and Bower dependency management.
•Can compile application less files with grunt
•Added grunt for versioning and changelogs.
•Added dashboard v2 page
•Added Note app (CRUD functions)
•Added Contacts app (Group/Items CRUD functions)
•Update Fullcalendar to 2.1.1
•Update FontAwesome to 4.2
•Fix Sparkline on retina display

v.1.2.0—7 September 14
•Add dock aside option (horizontal menu)
•Add boxed layout option
•Add ng-grid
•Add toaster
•Fix sub menu when using ”.bg-white”
•Fix dataTables width issue

v.1.1.3—2 September 14
•Add PSD file
•Add application layout
•Add full width layout
•Add mobile layout
•Add off screen nav “pull-right” option
•Improvement on ”.item” css

v.1.1.2—25 August 14
•Add off-screen nav on mobile
•Add sample on signin/signup
•Add .app-aside-right aside
•Add pricing table
•Use ui-sref-active to get the link active
•Fix ui-bootstrap carousel conflict with ng-animate
•Fix refresh page when choose language

v.1.1.1—19 August 14
•Add ui-module directive to load dependence for child directive.
•Add Angular Select2
•Add Angular Google Map
•Fix fixed-aside nav padding on OS X trackpad users in WebKit/Blink
•Fix header show first when modal closing.
•Fix flot resize error

v.1.1.0—15 August 14
•Detect smart device and change .no-touch to .smart class
•Fix butterbar when page scrolled
•Fix less file compiling error

v.1.0.3—11 August 14
•Save settings to local storage
•Add scroll to top at the bottom
•Fix scroll to top when modal opened

v.1.0.2—9 August 14
•Add angular-translate for international
•Add footable jQuery plugin
•Fix menu on small device.
•Fix line-height on ”.btn-icon” class

v.1.0.1—5 August 14
•Add Fullscreen directive for fullscreen application
•Add Butterbar directive for loading indicator
•Add list group .auto class
•Fix scroll bounce when page transition

Added 4th April 2016 | 1024 Views

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