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Wrapkit - Responsive Admin Template

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Description for Wrapkit - Responsive Admin Template:

Wrapkit is a Responsive Admin Template powered with Twitter Bootstrap. Can be used for any type web application. Designed with attractive look, rich features and easy to customize. Works well with frontend/backend frameworks like angularjs, etc. Wrapkit has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works well on various sizes devices (desktop, tablets, and phones).

•Unique, clean, attractive, rich features, easy customize
•Fully Responsive (works on all major browsers, tablets and phones)
•Bootstrap 3.3.5
•jQuery 2.1.4
•A tons of color skins (Since 1.1 available for grandient)
•Full SASS Support
•RTL Support
•Multiple Sidebar sizes
•Vertical & Horizontal Sidebar mode (Since 1.2)
•Live Resizable Sidebar with mouse/finger
•Multilevel menu
• Exclusive Template Ecosystem: ◦wrapkitLayout

•Easy cookie (jQuery Cookie)
•Custom scrollbar (jQuery slimScroll)
• Layouts ◦Fixed and normal Header Layout (top/bottom position)
◦Fixed and normal Sidebar Layout
◦Sidebar Align (left/right)
◦Sidebar Size (large, medium, small, hidden)
◦RTL mode (header, sidebar, content, footer)

• Components ◦Grid
◦Modal (Support Stackable)
◦Tooltip & Popover (w/ contextual colors)
◦Alert & Callout
◦Label & Badge
◦Nav & Navbar
◦Tab & Collapse

• Icons ◦Glyphicons
◦Simple line icon
◦Payment Webfont
◦Weather Icons

• Forms ◦Basic Form
◦Advance Form elements
◦Editor (lighweight & markdown)
◦Image cropping
◦Form Validation

• Charts ◦ChartJs
◦Morris Chart
◦Easy Pie

• Tables ◦Basic & Responsive Table

• Extras ◦Animated CSS
◦jQuery vmap
◦Nestable List
◦Session Idle
◦Session Timeout
◦Tostr Notofications
◦Tree View

•UI Kits
• Pages ◦Signin & Signup
◦Lock Screen
◦Error Page
◦Help Page
◦Search Result page

•And more features + pages coming soon.


Version 1.2 – October 26, 2015

•provide a documentation (live at
•bugs fixed
•adding sidebar vertical mode
•change primary color to 'teal' and success color to 'blue'
•edit demo page for consistency
•update dependencies to latest version

Version 1.1 – October 5, 2015

•change file structure (some files deleted, modified, or move to folder)
•change color schemes
•adding gradient skins
•sass vars (add and remove some vars)
•rename skins name
•update bootstrap to v3.3.5
•adding animations for some components
•re-write ecosystem using vanillajs
•remove jqueryui, jquery.niceScroll, fullcalendar and gmaps
•adding jquery slimScroll, clndr, and vector map

• Sidebar ◦change variant to tabs/pills
◦now support for toggle show/hide
◦adding panel fill for contextual color
◦make panel flexible to use on everywhere (adopting some concept of smart paper and card model)

Dependencies, update dependencies to latest version:
•jquery.nicescroll (removed)
•gmaps (removed)
•fullcalendar (removed)

Pages and layout:
•all the demo page is a redesign according to the style that has been update
•adding new dashboard
•adding content hero and content float model
•remove landing page and email template (plan to adding on next update)

Version 1.0 – August 26, 2014
•Initial Release


Online Documentations

•UI Faces
•Subtle Patterns
•Mac Desks
•Pic Jumbo

Added 1st February 2016 | 907 Views

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