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Thema - Bootstrap Admin Template website snapshot
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Thema - Bootstrap Admin Template

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Description for Thema - Bootstrap Admin Template:

Thema Admin is a simple and easy admin template develop in order to help frontend/backend developers making their job easy and save time in their development. This are compose of 140+ pages in different layouts and examples. It has 23 sample widgets, competitive form plugins and elements, 20 unique useful form templates in every categories, custom bootstrap elements, integrated UI admin, 21 sample features for Google map in single page with vector map, 6 types of charts, 46 unique pages that can be used in your applications and many more.

Thema Admin has its simple look which you can change any color depend upon your choice.

It is also easy to use and modify that is suitable to your needs and can be implemented to your desire projects such Project Management System, CRM, HRMS, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Loan Management System, Billing Management System and more.

Current Version

What’s Coming in Features Future Updates
•Laravel Admin Template
•Material Design
•Real Estate Backend And Frontend
•And many more coming features

You love it? Please rate us ***** so that more encouragement to update many more versions and features you desire.

Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions to be implemented in our admin template.

Current Features
•Basic Documentations
• Layouts ◦ Boxed Page ◾Default
◾Default + Fixed Header
◾No sidebar
◾No sidebar + Fixed Header

◦Full width content
◦Blank Page

• UI Elements ◦Class Helpers
◦Draggable Portlet
◦Labels and Badges
◦List Group
◦Progress Bar
◦Tooltips and Popover

• UI Admin ◦Animate CSS
◦Hover CSS
◦Hover Ideas
◦Sweet Alert
◦Word Rotator
◦Wow animations
◦Owl Carousel
◦Magnific Popup

•UI Admin
• Fonts ◦Font Awesome
◦Pe Icon 7 Stroke
◦Simple Line Icons

• Data Tables ◦Basic Table
◦Responsive Table
◦Dynamic Table
◦Editable Table

• UI Forms ◦Form Elements
◦Advanced Components
◦Form Validation
◦Advanced Form Upload

• Form Templates ◦ Business ◾Bug Tracker
◾Client Details
◾Contact Us
◾Email Subscription
◾Software Evaluation

◦ Human Resources ◾Employee Emergency Information
◾Employee Evaluation
◾Employee Satisfaction
◾Job Application
◾Resignation Form

◦ Requests ◾Leave Application
◾Prodoct Review
◾Software Request

◦ Construction ◾Client Review
◾Location Updates
◾On-site Inquiries
◾Status Updates

◦ Non-profit ◾Donation Form

• Mail ◦Emails
◦Create Email
◦View Email

• Charts ◦Morris
◦Flot Charts
◦C3 Chart

• Maps ◦ Google Map ◾Basic Map
◾Map Events
◾Map Makers
◾Map Geolocation
◾Map Geocoding
◾Map Polylines
◾Map Overlays
◾Map Polygon
◾Map Routes
◾Map Advanced Routes
◾Map Static Markers
◾Map Static Polylines
◾Map Context Menu
◾Map Geofences
◾Map Custom Controls
◾Map Fusion Tables layers
◾Map KML and GeoRSS layers
◾Map Street View Panoramas
◾Map Interacting with UI
◾Map Clustering

◦Vector Map

• App Pages ◦User Management
◦ User Profile ◾Profile Dashboard
◾Profile About
◾Profile Timeline
◾Profile Projects
◾Profile Gallery
◾Profile Settings

◦ Project Management ◾All Projects
◾View Projects

◦ Services ◾Services 1
◾Services 2

◦ Login & Registration ◾Registration 1
◾Registration 2
◾Login 1
◾Login 2

◦ Errors ◾404 Error
◾500 Error

◦ Timelines ◾Timeline 1
◾Timeline 2

◦ Forum ◾Main

◦4 Email Templates
◦ Ecommerce ◾Dashboard
◾Product Lists
◾View Product
◾Cart Summary

◦2 Contact Templates
◦Full Calendar
◦Full Calendar
◦Contact Management
◦Search Results
◦About Us
◦Coming Soon
◦Pricing Tables
◦Lock Screen
◦Media Gallery
◦Privacy Policy
◦Terms of Condition

•Current Version

Added 1st February 2016 | 830 Views

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