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MAC 2.0 - Final Retina website snapshot
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MAC 2.0 - Final Retina

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for MAC 2.0 - Final Retina:

strong textMuffin Admin Cake 2.0 - Final Retina

Buy and download free upgrade to version 2.0 - Final Retina


Build amazing b2b web apps, presentations and admin panels.

Ready Components (code+)

Tables - tables with Search, Navigation, Data and Result part - dynamic tables library for normal and big tables (with partially loaded data) / check Order and User page
Notifications and badges - easy to use library for notifications and badges (sum badges) / try to minimize box Social with "-"
Live - read data from server / open console to check what happened in background
Expandable boxes and sections
Animated charts, calendar and file manager / click + to expand calendar section


Project include e-commerce example - let's say we sell muffins:) and muffins photos: dashboard, orders, users, products, products type manager.

System Features
•clear layout system - Sections > Grid > Boxes with content
•dynamic tables concept
•styled tables, forms, charts, animated charts, monitor
•new/reformated interface elements: badges, labels, tooltips, popovers, alerts, in-box alerts, progress bars
•login page
•smooth, fluid, responsive
•include default graphic theme: Sharp / check Muffin Admin Cake - Themes
•dashboard: place for your family picture (or your team)
•validated with W3c Markup Validation Service, easy to read code
•Bootstrap 2.2.2

Delicious! - check on iPad or iPhone


Version 2.0 - Final Retina - (free upgrade)
Version 1.05b - (free upgrade)
Muffin Table -

Thomas John,

Final Retina (v2.0)

Download free upgrade to version 2.0 - Final Retina,

New Features
•top menu options, size and look, new colors, new left menu (check with < 980px width), sliders, wysiwyg editor, new badges library (v2.0), new dashboard, new notification features, new pages: tasks, inbox, calendar, form validation, date picker and many many more...


iPad (horizontal) and other devices (PC) with min 980px width - visible left menu:

Muffin Admin Cake (v1.x)

Version 1.04 and IE:
IE9, IE8 - add this line at the beginning of main() function: "if (!window.console) console = {log: function() {}};"
IE8 - add this line after : "" and remove "chart1=" from index.html (line 309)



iPad (horizontal) and other devices (PC) with min 980px width - visible left menu:

iPad (vertical) and devices - up to 980px width - left menu hidden, visible drop down menu:

Up to 665px width - top menu height is now lower and Notification option change:

iPhone and other devices with 320-480px width:

Added 26th January 2016 | 921 Views

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