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Ark Admin - Dashboard Theme website snapshot
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Ark Admin - Dashboard Theme

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for Ark Admin - Dashboard Theme:

•Need a functionality that is not yet included? Give us a message and we'll add it in the next releases.
•In order to test on tablet or smartphone please remove the wrapbootstrap iframe first.

Ark Admin Theme

Ark Admin is an clean, flat and beautiful dashboard admin theme that uses the latest version of Bootstrap 3 and jQuery in order to illustrate a simple yet elegant design for managing any kind of web application.

It's focus is on simplifying the UI and delivering the best experience for its users.

Ark Admin was created by a team of designers and developers from a web development agency with a decade of experience. We are fully committed to release continuous long term updates, adding new relevant plugins and keeping them updated to the latest version, as well as adding new pages and elements that will make your work a little easier.

If you have already purchased ArkAdmin you can download all future updates, at no extra cost, by visiting this link:

Ark Admin introduces an elegant flat and responsive designed crafted to deliver the best possible performance on any type of device. It's outstanding simple architecture allows any developer to jump right into the code without the need of searching through thousands of lines of javascript/html code.

Allow your users to focus on what they need to do and get rid of all other distractions. Ark Admin is all about keeping the user focused on the content, while providing a consistent experience on all pages of your application.

Please contact me for any suggestions or changes you need.

1.Carefully crafted from head to toe
2.Clean, flat and consistent design across all pages
3.Simplified and content oriented user experience
4.Fully Responsive on any device
5.Works across browsers, tablets and phones
6.Build on top of Bootstrap 3.1, compatible with Bootstrap 3.0 and above
7.Uses LESS files as source, but also provides compiled CSS files
8.All JS and CSS files are also minified, source code provided
9.Vector icons and beautiful Retina ready images
10.Provides both public files as well as developer source code
11.Uses Bower for js dependencies and Grunt for running tasks
12.Toggle layout options like fixed header and wrap inside a container
13.And many other features...

•All Bootstrap 3 components are available
•Fully functional calendar with simple event creation
•Multiple types of charts using jQuery Flot: lines, bars, pies, etc.
•Custom arrowed labels
•Consistent look for basic field types(select, checkbox, radio, file) using Uniform and Select2
•Image upload widget and gallery upload widget consistent with the layout
•Nested lists with drag and drop functionality in both PC and mobile platforms
•Wysiwyg Editor (CKEditor) with Custom Skin
•Google Maps

•User Profile
•Login, Register, Forgot Password
•Error Pages

Coming Soon
•Multiple consistent skins
•Tree view
•Time line
•Inline editable data
•Inbox & Messages
•Email Templates
•FAQ page
•DONE - More chart examples
•DONE - Wysiwyg Editor with Custom Skin
•DONE - Google Maps
•DONE - Nested Lists
•DONE - Layout Options (fixed header, inside container, etc)
•DONE - Better documentation. See
•DONE - Search form + Search Results page - proposed by swimlappy
•DONE - Optional horizontal menu in the top navbar - proposed by avbiii03
•DONE - Datatables support - proposed by swimlappy

Plugins and Libraries
•jQuery 2.1
•Bootstrap 3.1
•FontAwesome 4.1
•Bootstrap Datepicker
•Bootstrap Date range picker
•Bootstrap Jasny
•jQuery Uniform
•jQuery Flot
•Google Open Sans Font
•jQuery Autosize
•Google Prettify

Special Thanks
• for the cool gallery images
• and all those that contributed for the user profiles

Update Log

•Integrated Google Maps
•Integrated CKEditor with a new ArkAdmin skin
•Added more charts examples using jQuery Flot

•Updated FontAwesome to version 4.1
•Created a search form/results page
•Integrated datatables and applied a clean look and feel consistent with the theme

•Updated bootstrap to version 3.1
•Added optional horizontal menu in the top navbar

•Upgraded jQuery to version 2.1
•New documentation available. Check it online at:

•Added support for nested lists
•Small bug fixes

•The sidebar now extends on the full height of the page.
•Added layout options floating box
•Added fixed header and inside container options

•Fixed an IE bug with displaying the arrowed labels.

•Initial Release.


Feel free to contact us for support either by visiting us on our website or via Facebook.


If you are not building a node.js application then all you need is contained into the public/ folder. All the source files are in the src/ folder, including all the source .js files and the .less files if you want to make changes to the existing css.

All external js dependencies are included in the public/scripts/vendor/ folder and they are maintained using Bower.

The source for the html pages is located under src/html/ folder and contains handlebars templates.

Please visit the following url for the complete documentation:

Added 25th January 2016 | 909 Views

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