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PixelAdmin - Premium Admin Theme

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for PixelAdmin - Premium Admin Theme:

PixelAdmin is a fully responsive admin & frontend template built with Bootstrap 3.1 and latest jQuery versions.

PixelAdmin was developed for all type of web applications like custom admin panel, admin dashboard, application backend, CMS, CRM, business website, corporate, portfolio, blog etc. This template comes with a huge collection of easy to use components and plugins.

•Beautiful design, created with love to the details
•Right-to-left direction support
•Responsive multilevel main menu
•Flexible modular code structure, which allows to easily remove unused plugins and components
•Fully responsive
•Mobile first development
•Three main menu layouts: on the left side, on the right side, hidden main menu
•Built with Bootstrap 3
•Integrated Font Awesome iconic font
•Integrated charts
•Compile sources with Grunt tasks
•LESS and SCSS source files (compiled CSS included)
•Interactive color builder
•10 beautiful easy-to-customize themes
•9 exclusive plugins•Page-alerts
•Expanding YouTube-like inputs
•Styled file inputs
•Flot.js wrapper, which provides responsive functionality and tooltips
•Input/Textarea character limit
•On/Off switchers

•21 integrated plugins•jQuery Select2
•Bootstrap Datepicker
•Bootstrap Timepicker
•Bootstrap Datepaginator
•Bootstrap Tab drop
•jQuery Minicolors
•jQuery Masked inputs
•jQuery Autoresizing textarea
•Bootstrap X-Editable
•jQuery validation
•Bootbox Modals
•jQuery Datatables
•jQuery Growl notifications
•Dropzone.js file uploads
•jQuery Knob
•Summernote WYSIWYG-editor
•Bootstrap Markdown
•jQuery Sparklines
•jQuery Easy Pie Charts
•jQuery Flot charts

•9 integrated jQuery UI plugins•Sliders
•Progress bars

•13 ready-to-use widgets•Profile
•Messages list
•Alternative messages list
•Support tickets
•Last comments
•Last threads
•Article comments
•Google Maps

•18 pages•Search results
•Plans & pricing
•Sign In
•Error 404
•Error 500
•Blank page
•Sign Up
•Alternative "Sign In" page
•Alternative "Sign Up" page
•Show message
•New message

•"jqGrid" plugin integration
•Responsive tables integration
•"User account" page
•"Galleries" page
•"Article list" page
•"Show article" page
•"Forum list" page
•"Forums thread" page
•"Show thread" page


v1.3.0 - 05/03/2014
•Rewrited the Main Menu script (Improved performance, fixed mobile Chrome issues, fixed some small bugs)
•Added a few new Main Menu features (dropdown close delay, active menu item detection)
•Changed the Main Navbar script
•Removed iScroll plugin (slimScroll used instead)
•Fixed a FileInput plugin bug
•Added resizeSteps() method to the Wizard plugin
•Fixed IE8 Javascript errors
•Fixed a few additional bugs

v1.2.1 - 04/14/2014
•Fixed Grunt installation instruction. No need to update files

v1.2.0 - 04/13/2014
•Switched to Grunt task runner. Custom build scripts are removed
•Fixed _mixins.scss
•Fixed side nav labels/badges position (RTL)
•Fixed grid pull/push (RTL)
•Changed accordion styles
•Made some "cosmetic" changes
•Added "Followers" widget
•Added "FAQ" page
•Added "Profile" page
•Added "Timeline" page
•Added "Sign Up" page
•Added alternative "Sign In" page
•Added alternative "Sign Up" page
•Added "Inbox" page
•Added "Show message" page
•Added "New message" page

v1.1.0 - 04/03/2014
•Added SCSS source files
•Fixed z-indexes
•Fixed checkboxes (RTL)
•Fixed "Sign In" page (RTL)
•Fixed form labels (RTL)
•Added animation to ".menu-content" blocks
•Changed sidebar nav labels/badges
•Made a few small additional fixes

v1.0.0 - 03/31/2014
•Initial release

Added 25th January 2016 | 1074 Views

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