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Endless - Responsive Admin Template website snapshot
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Endless - Responsive Admin Template

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for Endless - Responsive Admin Template:

Endless Admin is a fully responsive admin template built with the Bootstrap 3.2 framework, and modern web technologies HTML5 and CSS3.

•Built with Bootstrap 3
•Responsive Design
•HTML5 and CSS3
•Build with LESS
•7 different theme colors
•Flat UI with clean design
•Many components
•Cross-browser compatible

HTML pages including:
•UI Elements
•Button and Icons
•Nestable list
•Form Element
•Form validation and Wizard
•Single Post
•Pricing Table
•Error 404
•Search result (New)
•FAQ (New)
•Error 500 (New)
•Chat Room (New)
•Movie Gallery (New)
•Email Template (New)
•Lock Screen (New)

The following is on to do list and will be added in next updates:
•Collapsible menu (Now Available)
•Search Result (Now Available)
•Email Template (Now Available)
•FAQ (Now Available)
•Error 500 (Now Available)
•Online Shopping
•Chat Room (Now Available)
•Movie Gallery (Now Available)
•Tree view
•Lock screen page (Now Available)
•News feed page
•Front-end Theme
•And many more amazing features


If your have any problems, bugs, issues or requests, feel free to send us a message with your suggestions and we will consider adding it to next updates.

Change Log

•Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.2
•Upgraded to Font Awesome 4.1
•Upgraded to Datatable 1.10.2
•Add active state to inbox menu
•Fix custom radio button issue
•Fix loading icon
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.1.1
•Add Multi-level menu
•Add show/hide menu toggle
•Add active menu in second level menu
•Add lock screen page
•Fix google map icon not showing up
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.1.0
•Add email template (non-Bootstrap)
•Add new popup dialog
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Add flot chart
•Add new components
•Add new preloading animation
•Add new scrollable sidebar menu
•Add 2 new skin color
•Update dashboard page
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Add collapsible menu
•Add chat room page
•Add movie gallery page
•Add jquery jcarousel
•Add jquery resize
•Add jquery modernizr
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Add FAQ page
•Add search result page
•Add error 500 page
•Add pricing plan on landing page
•A few bug fixes and enhancements

•Initial release

Plugins include
•jQuery UI
•jQuery minicolors
•Font awesome
•Full calendar
•Masked input
•jQuery slimScroll
•jQuery Sparkline
•jQuery Tags input
•jQuery cookie
•Slider for Bootstrap
•Nestable List
•jQuery waypoint
•jQuery LocalScroll
•jQuery ScrollTo
•jQuery jcarousel
•jQuery resize
•jQuery Popup Overlay
•jQuery ui map
•Google Code Prettify
•Google Web Fonts

Flickr Photos

All images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase. All images are licensed under - Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0 Generic. These images are courtesy of - Daniel Zedda, Sweetie187, meedanphotos ,John Karakatsanis ,Yutaka Tsutano and Andreas Dantz

Added 25th January 2016 | 958 Views

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