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Blankon - Fullpack Admin Theme

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Language: PHPHTML License: Paid

Description for Blankon - Fullpack Admin Theme:

On Progress
•Table advanced with unlimited features (Progress : 100%)
•Frontend themes corporate one page design (Progress : 40%)

•Check update v1.1.2
•Please close the default WrapBootstrap iFrame when viewing from IE and responsive testing on Supported Resolutions
•If you have already purchased Blankon you can redownload all future updates, at no extra cost, by visiting this link: Download Resender
•See amazing video Blankon
•Just buy $18 all within bundle (HTML, AngularJS, Yii2, Laravel, AJAX, Codeigniter, Yeoman)


Blankon fullpack admin theme is a theme full pack admin template powered by Twitter bootstrap 3 front-end framework. Included are multiple example pages, elements styles, and javascript widgets to get your project started. Blankon can be used for any type of web applications: custom admin panels, admin dashboards, CMS, CRM, LESS. Blankon has a huge collection of plugins and UI components and works seamlessly on all major web browsers, tablets and phones.

We are please to release continuous long term updates and many features will be coming soon in the future updates. Once you purchased Blankon, you will be entitled to free download of all future updates.

Please, if you found any bugs, strange look or have any suggestions – don’t hesitate to let me know, i will do my best to fix those issues as soon as possible.


Special Features
•Available Yeoman + GruntJS
•Available SASS Preprocessor
•Available Codeigniter Version
•Available AJAX Version
•Available Laravel Framework Version
•Available Yii2 Framework Version
•Available AngularJS Version
•Bower Package Manager Ready
•CDN Library support

Premium Features
•Glyphicons Pro Icons - value $59
•Cube Portfolio - value $16
•Slider Revolution - value $14

•Based on Twitter Bootstrap Framework 3
•Valid HTML5 / CSS3
•100% Responsive layout (desktops, tablets, mobile devices)
•Build using LESS (available variable style, easy customize re-design)
•Clean and Modern Design
•Widgets: overview, social, blog, weather, misc
•4 charts libraries : flot, morris, Chartjs, C3js
•Cool sidebar style
•Available profile summary, setting theme, chat on menu right sidebar
•27 Colors skins, 7 colors sidebar, 7 colors navbar
•Various Font icons set (Glyphicons, Font Awesome, Weather icons, Map icons)
•Cool Animations CSS3
•Custom Pages : •Beautiful landing page
•Signin page / Signup page / Lost password page / Lock screen page
•Cool Timeline
•Calendar page
•Sample invoice
•Blog list & single
•Cool profile detail page
•Error pages : 403, 404, 500

•Forms : •Complete form elements
•Samples form layout
•Advanced form elements
•Advanced validation options
•Cool form wizard style
•WYSIWYG & Summernote editor (available inline editor)
•Multi file upload: dropzone

•Tables : •Various styles of tables: contextual, striped, bordered, hover, responsive table
•9 Colors skins
•Responsive datatable (AJAX & DOM)
•UI Components
•Tabs & Accordion
•Many more ++

•Email Template
•Google Maps & Vector Maps
•Custom modals Bootstrap
•Line / Bar / Area / Pie / Donut chart available
•Many bootstrap plugins

Supported Resolutions

Showcase supported resolutions

More devices

•Google font by Google
•Image preview pixabay by Pixabay team
•Image preview picjumbo by Victor Hanacek
•Image preview unsplash by Pickcrew
•AngularJS by Google Team
•AngularUI by AngularUI Team
•ocLazyLoad by Olivier Combe
•Animate by Daniel T. Eden
•Bootstrap by Mark Otto & Jacob
•Bootstrap calendar by Andrés
•Bootstrap datepicker by Vitaliy Potapov
•Bootstrap datetimepicker by Sébastien MALOT
•Bootstrap switch by Emanuele Marchi
•Bootstrap taginput by Tim Schlechter
•Bootstrap wysihtml5 by James Hollingworth
•Bootstrap wizard by Vincent Gabriel
•Chart | C3js by Masayuki Tanaka
•Chart | Chartjs by Nick Downie
•Chart | Flot by Ole Laursen & David Schnur
•Chart | Morris by Olly Smith
•Chosen by Christophe Coevoet
•Compass by Compass team
•Datatables by Comanche
•Dropzone by Matias Meno
•Icon | Font Awesome by Dave Gandy
•Icon | Weather Icons by Erik Flowers
•GruntJS by Bocoup
•Holder.js by Ivan Malopinsky
•Ion rangeSlider by Denis Ineshin
•JQuery by JQuery team
•JQuery inputmask by Robin Herbots
•JQuery mockjax by Douglas Neiner
•JQuery mousewheel by Brandon Aaron
•JQuery snippet by SteamDev
•JQuery sparklines by Splunk, Inc
•JQuery nicescroll by Inuyaksa
•JQuery validation by Jörn Zaefferer
•JQuery waypoints by Caleb Troughton
•Map | Gmap3 by Demonte Jean-Baptiste, Gerits Aurelien, Lesire Samuel
•Map | Jqvmap by Peter Schmalfeldt
•Ndoboost by Ari Rusmanto
•LESS by LESS team
•Jstimezonedetect by Jstimezonedetect team
•Masonry by David DeSandro
•Prettify by google code prettify team
•Raphaeljs by Dmitry Baranovskiy
•SASS by SASS team
•Skycons by J. T. L.
•Select2 by Kevin Brown
•Summernote by Alan Hong
•Typeahead by Jake Harding, Veljko Skarich & Tim Trueman
•Underscore by Adam Krebs
•Viewport resizer by Malte Wassermann
•Yeoman by Yeoman team

We care about our buyers. Tell us your feedback about code and help us about new features and updates.

Added 25th January 2016 | 1883 Views

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