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Ace - Responsive Admin Template

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Language: HTML License: Paid

Description for Ace - Responsive Admin Template:

Ace (v1.3.5) is a lightweight, feature-rich and easy to use admin template based on Bootstrap 3.3.6

⚠ Important Notice:

Ace admin template is almost *retired*

▶ Next major update (v1.4) brings AngularJS support and after that there will only be minor fixes and script updates!

▶ Ace will not be updated to Bootstrap 4

▶ For better support and more frequent updates please check other marketplace items


Dear user, to be notified of new updates please:
•Make sure you are a member at the marketplace, so that you will be notified through email when an update becomes available
•Subscribe to :
•Follow me on Twitter :

Also if you have already purchased an older version, you can download the latest approved version here, at no extra cost:

The initial release (v1) comes with the following features:
•4 Different theme colors
•Responsive design

•HTML pages including:
•Dashboard with stats, charts and recent events
•UI elements
•Form elements
•Wysiwyg editor
•Customizable widgets
•Image gallery
•Pricing tables
•User profile
•Login, register and forgot password
•Error 404 and error 500 pages
•And a few other

•Custom elements and plugins including:
•Pure CSS3 checkbox, radio and On/Off switch elements (not available in IE8)
•File input control
•Simple color picker
•Custom scrollbars
•Onpage help to provide better help for users

•Bootstrap, jQuery UI and third party plugins and elements including:
•jQuery UI (Custom Build)
•Twitter Bootstrap
•Google "Open Sans" Font
•jQuery Flot Charts
•jQuery Sparklines
•Easy Pie Chart
•jQuery Knob
•jQuery Validate
•FuelUX (Spinner & Wizard & Treeview)
•jQuery ColorBox
•jQuery dataTables
•jQuery Chosen
•jQuery Masked Input
•jQuery Input Limiter
•jQuery AutoSize
•Bootstrap Colorpicker
•Bootstrap Datepicker
•Bootstrap Timepicker
•Bootstrap DateRange Picker
•Bootstrap Date-Time Picker
•jQuery Gritter
•jQuery slimScroll
•jQuery UI Touch Punch
•Google Code Prettify
•Mindmup Wysiwyg Editor
•Toopay Markdown Editor
•Bootstrap Tags
•jQuery Mobile (Custom Build)
•Nestable lists plugin
•Dual listbox
•jQuery raty

The following is on to-do list and will be added to Ace in next updates:

•New features & elements such as :
•Wysiwyg editor (now available)
•Treeview (now available)
•Timeline (now available)
•Search results (now available)
•Tables with details (now available)
•FAQ page (now available)
•User profile (now available)
•Inline editable data (now available)
•Email template (now available)
•Inbox & messages (now available)
•Misc. page templates (now available)

•Cookie support for saving client-side customizations (now available)

•RTL Support (now available)
•Adding LESS files as well as Javascript client-side template files such as Mustache. (now available)

Please note that support is provided via email as mentioned in the documentation page.

Added 20th December 2015 | 1147 Views

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