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Best 9Gag Clone Script

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Language: PHP License: Paid

Description for Best 9Gag Clone Script:

What's New In Best 9Gag Clone Script v29

A- Improvements for current features in v21:
1- Serializing settings table.
2- Posts are sorted by phase time: At the old system, the posts were sorted by submitting time, even if the post was moved to new section (HOT - TRENDING - VOTE), the posts were sorted like that regardless the time when the post was moved to this section. That changed now. When a post is moved to new section, the posts are sorted by the time when it was added to this phase.
3- HOT Ajax Comments System inside of the old system.
4- Editing Posts Images from Administrator Panel.
5- SEO URLs for additional pages.
6- HOT New PRIVATE pages: These pages doesn't appear in header or footer links and can only be accessed by direct links.
7- Source Link verification and correction: To avoid 404 errors from wrong/invalid source links while submitting new posts. This feature verify the source link before submitting and before displaying the posts.
8- Improved sorting order in Administrator Panel: Newest to oldest.
9- Keep forms data after submission: If your user is submitting new post, or any form but the form wasn't inserted for any error, the data he inserted are saved and reloaded to them and not lost.
10- Posts pending approval: When these posts are approved, sometimes they got lost due to old order system. Now, when a new pending approval post is activated, it get its right position in the "Vote" section.

B- New Features.
1- HOT Notification when user is IDLE.
2- HOT Timeline Users Page: Shows timeline for posting, liking and commenting posts in the user profiles.
3- HOT Users Visitor Messages in profiles.
4- HOT Manual and Random Selection of Featured posts: In Administrator Panel -> Settings -> Front Page Settings, you can choose to have "Featured Posts" to be randomly selected from database, or from manual selection. You can manually select these featured posts from Administrator Panel -> Posts -> Featured Posts section.
5- HOT Bookmark (Save For Later) Posts: You can find a new "Save" icon besides the up/down votes buttons that allow you to bookmark posts and see them later. You can find your bookmarks in your profile and they are visible to you to only.
6- HOT Detecting the user language from user browser automatically, then select the default language for him. They can override this option later.
7- HOT Responsive width for Video Posts: You don't have to worry about your video post width anymore. We have updated them to work responsively according to any width you choose in your theme.
8- HOT GIF auto play.
9- HOT View Full Posts: Truncating long images posts and add "View Full Post" notice under it.
10- HOT New Automatic "GIFs" Channel.
11- HOT New Automatic "Videos" Channel.
12- HOT Sorting comments in Single Post page using Comment ID: Facebook-Like comments sorting. If you browsed a single post without any comment ID, the comments are sorted normally. However, if you were sharing a comment from the post, then this comment (and its replies if it has any) will be displayed as the first comment
Example 1: : You'll find the comments sorted according to adding time.
Example 2: : You'll find comment "Third Comment" which as ID 201 in the database is displayed as the first comment regardless the submission time.

Added 9th December 2015 | 1471 Views

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