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  • Best Fundraising Software

    Fundraising software has responsive design which sets the webpage size according to the users device, so it is more friendly to users. Fundraiser allows project creator to post unlimited number of projects. It provides a fundraising platform to start your own crowdfunding website. Through website you can invite fundraiser and donors to raise fund for project development. It is a platform where people from around the world can post the projects or ideas.... Read More...
  • Kickstarter clone - Crowdfunding pledge - Crowdfunding software

    Besides bringing creative projects to the limelight, the highly effective crowdfunding Kickstarter script from Agriya, which powers your website, offers you a well-designed user-friendly interface and responsive web designs. This impressive script is also developed in such a way to enable the screening of each project on the website, thereby preventing frivolous projects from getting displayed. In case a project gets funded totally, a certain percentage of the money collected will go to the owner of the platform, i.e., the webmaster.... Read More...
  • Donation script - Crowdfunding donate - Agriya

    Categroy: GoFundMe | Language: PHP | Keyword(s): donation software crowdfunding platform

    Starting a high-end crowdfunding donation website is now easier and also faster with the donation script - Crowdfunding Donate - from Agriya, a leading clone scripts provider. This clone script helps you to launch a website belonging to any niche area, currency or region. Furthermore, it develops your website in an effective manner, whereby the users can easily navigate. Users include the donors who contribute to a social cause and the individuals or organizations seeking the donations. This donation script has numerous features like facepile, social media connectivity, internal communicatio... Read More...
  • Donation Crowdfunding Software

    Donation Crowdfunding Software Or Donation Fundraising Script Introduction to Donation Crowdfunding Unlike other crowdfunding schemes, donation-based crowdfunding is a platform where people donate money through the platform for a common collaborative goal without expecting anything in return. Few donation-based crowdfunding platforms may also offer some products, perks or rewards as “Thank You” for their donation but there’s no return on investment involved in this type of fund raising. What is Donation Crowdfunding Script? Donation Crowdfunding software enables you to set up a... Read More...
  • Crowdfunding Platform | For Creative Projects

    Crowdfunding platform for creative projects Agriya Crowdfunding is the first complete crowdfunding software that helps you to run your own crowdfunding site. Compared to Kickstarter, Crowdfunding has lot of additional features and superior UI. Other crowdfunding sites that can directly be competed with Crowdfunding are:,,,,,,,,,, This version has better plugin architecture and viral marketing ability. Create a spectacular crowdfund... Read More...


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