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Frequently Answers & Questions (FAQ)

Q: It's Script Giver for free?
A: Of course. It's 100% for free!

Q: How can I support Script Giver?
A: Share us, follow us, rate scripts, comment scripts and more...

    1.) Share and follow us on
    Script Giver Google+ Script Giver Twitter Script Giver Disqus
    2.) Submit a script or suggest a category.
    3.) Rate scripts.
    4.) Write a comment about your script experience.
    4.1) Note: Please double click on tablets and smartphones so your vote can be recorded.

Q: It's free to submit a script?
A: Of course. It's also 100% for free! And the Script Giver Newsletter too.

Q: If I want to apply my own script, how long it takes until my script is advertised on Script Giver?
A: Immediately. After you have paid via PayPal.

Q: What advertising options there are?
A: You can choose of three categories for your ads campaign.

    - Homepage Featured: Listing Appears on Homepage before latest listings ($50 / Month)
    - Sidebar Featured: Appears SITEWIDE on every page in the sidebar ($75 / Month)
    - Category Highlight: Appears Highlight with yellow background in it's own category ($25 / Month)

Q: What is Disqus and how do I login?
A: You can login to write your comments. With your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

Disqus is a free service that enables great online communities. As the web's most popular discussion system, Disqus is used by millions of websites that cover pretty much any topic imaginable. Our magic is in connecting people to stuff worth talking about.

Disqus is working on ScriptGiver.com and ScriptGiver.de independently. On each side of a script, see below for example the following text:

"Maybe there are comments in german for Photostore Online?".

Now when you click like in this example "Photostore Online" or "comments in german" takes you to the german website of Photostore Online and you will look to the comments in german.

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Script Giver Google+ Script Giver Twitter Script Giver Disqus

Q: Can it happen that scripts not be accepted?
A: Yes, if they are illegal or duplicated.

Q: How long does it take until a script is unlocked?
A: Different but not exceeding 24 hours.

Q: How many scripts they are on Script Giver?

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